New medium: Ceramics

Thanks to the Young Talent Grant I received from the Mondriaan Fund in 2016/2017, I´ve had the opportunity to experiment with new materials in the last year. I have fallen in love with clay. I started a basic pottery class in March 2017 where I learnt throwing on the wheel and some glazing and firing skills. I now continue to experiment with different sculptural forms. Ceramics is a field with vast opportunities to learn skills and techniques; it really gives me a kick. It is also a humbling process, where I am a total beginner and still struggle with some technical parts of the process.

It feels very good to reactivate my 3d brain as I call it; thinking in three-dimensional space is something I love to do, and yet haven’t done so intensively since attending art school. Working with ceramics, I concentrate on form, proportions, empty space, colour and surface. Clay is earth, and I can feel this when I work with it. The material itself is part of the natural world, and I can relate to it very well. The process of firing to make the material durable is absolutely fascinating to me.

As ceramics can be technically quite complex, it has taken me some time to get the hang of it and decide where to go with my work. I started off with making pots and cups, something I still enjoy to do. At the moment I am working on a sculptural series with small ceramic objects exploring the concept of the ´cage´ as a space which is both a prison and a safe haven. I explore how the cage can evolve into a place of freedom and play, so it changes from a prison to a playground. The inspiration comes from the five rescue rabbits I´ve been taking care of during the last months, for whom I had to build cages both to create safety and still give them an interesting environment to live in.

With special thanks to the Mondriaan Fund to grant me such an enriching year of experiment and play. The process continues and I will be sharing more about it soon.