101 Tickets to Paradise started as a project of digital paintings. I recently decided to make oil pastel drawings to have some tangible result to show. It was also an excellent excuse to try out this new material (and I love it). From the beginning, this project was a way for me to make stuff at home – at my desk – without much fuss. (My studio isn´t very close to our home). The drawings start to take up a life of their own and I´m becoming quite obsessed. They are playful, over the top, reflecting how we see nature… perfectly or imperfectly. Landscapes, sunrises, full moons, garden ponds and flamingos; everything is possible in this series and that´s what makes it so much fun.

I have selected some drawings in the series 101 Tickets to Paradise for you here. They are all oil pastel on A4 paper (30×21 cm) and all 101 drawings will be on show at Galerie SANAA in Utrecht as soon as the lockdown (Jan 2021) is over. For any questions you can contact me.