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Finissage in Percipi Gallery, Amsterdam, 2014

It´s the last week of my exhibition in Percipi Gallery in Amsterdam and I want to warmly invite you for the finissage, coming Sunday 16 November, 17.00-20.00 hours. Dance, food, wine and fun company (and of course my paintings as well), so welcome to all!

Finissage `Foolish Wishes & Ridiculous Triumphs´ – paintings by Jessica Skowroneck

17.00 Dance performance with Anneke Gerrits and Agnes Philipsen (free entry)
18.00 – 20.00 `Artist Dinner´ vegetarian menu of three courses including nice wine, check www.percipi.nl for the menu.  (Costs are 20 euro´s and reservation obligatory at [email protected] or 06-16798134, max 18 people at the table.)

Address: Percipi Gallery, Rozenstraat 227, Amsterdam

´Foolish Wishes & Ridiculous Triumphs´ solo in Percipi Gallery Amsterdam 2014

Saturday 18 October 2014: Opening exhibition, Percipi Gallery, Rozenstraat 227 Amsterdam

18 Oct-16 Nov 2014: Exhibition

I warmly invite you for my solo exhibition, on show are my new paintings inspired by sensations from nature and some mysterious disappearances of form. Foolish wishes refer to the impossibility of a painting to succeed, the impossibility of making a living as an artist in these days, and me wishing for it against all odds. Ridiculous triumphs refer to the paintings that succeeded anyway, the survivals of the messy and sometimes frustrating birth-process that is part of my everyday life in the studio. The survivals that often trigger giggles in humorous people (thus these paintings are ridiculous). Ridiculous triumphs also refer to the absolutely amazing fact that I won the Royal Prize for Painting this year, which allows me lots of worry-less time in my studio; time to experiment, evolve, make mistakes, try again and hopefully to come up with some more ridiculous paintings.

Percipi Gallery is open: Thursday: 14.00-17.30, Friday: 14.00-17.30, Saturday: 14.00-17.30

[email protected]